AdRotate Pro 3.12.5 – Now available

adrotate-proSome small bugfixes and tweaks. and a big of a overhaul of the installation and upgrade code. It’s less automatic, which makes things faster.

After upgrading, and if there is something more to upgrade on top of the files. For example the database. Then you are prompted to do so via a notification bar in your dashboard. Simply click “Upgrade Now” and you’re set.
This change was made because the automated trigger wasn’t always working. Courtesy of WordPress not wanting to support a official hook for it.

By removing ORDER BY RAND() (A randomising function for databases) blocks can now be a bit bigger and have up to 32 rows. But also the wrongly applied limit of 20 ads on blocks has been fixed.

A small inroad has been made to modernise and expand the advertiser sales options by merging the budget setting for clicks and impressions into one gross amount. This conforms to industry standards and makes it easier to apply future purchases to adverts. A system I hope to include at some point.


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  • [fix] Undefined notice for some setups when using Page Injection
  • [fix] Incorrect path for images on some setups
  • [fix] Max ads wrongly applied to Groups in block mode
  • [fix] Access to schedule dashboard properly applied on activation
  • [change] Most dashboards updated, revised and labels updated
  • [change] Merged advert budgets to be in line with market
  • [change] No longer use ‘ORDER BY RAND()’ for groups
  • [change] Blocks can now have up to 32 rows
  • [new] Advertisers can select groups when creating or editing adverts
  • [new] More error notices for wrongly configured adverts
  • [new] Revised upgrade routine with manual trigger
  • [new] Revised installer routine better self-healing function
  • [i18n] Updated group settings descriptions and labels



Version 3.12.5 is available now via your dashboard and your account on this website.