AdRotate Pro 3.12.6 – New direction for statistics

logo-512x512Starting with version 3.12.6 AdRotate Pro will support external analytics. As a sort of experiment AdRotate Pro now supports Piwik Analytics and Google Analytics to track your impressions and clicks with. You can choose which system you want to use in AdRotate settings.
I’ll be updating the manual for statistics soon to detail how the Piwik setup works.

Other notable changes are for Post Injection – Fixing a weird bug where the wrong (or no) ad would be on some pages/posts for larger AdRotate setups. And the clicktracker code has been updated to work with a more modern trigger in jQuery which works better for themes with endless scrolling on.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [new] Stats tracking with Piwik Analytics content tracking
  • [new] Stats tracking with Google Analytics event tracking
  • [fix] Time shown correctly when editing schedules
  • [fix] Notification emails not being sent reliably
  • [fix] New adverts validating properly
  • [fix] Much more accurate post injection filter
  • [fix] Much more accurate page injection filter
  • [tweak] Clicktracking counting jQuery on()
  • [tweak] Changed “upgrade” button to “update now”
  • [tweak] Clearer error status for responsive adverts


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