AdRotate Pro 3.12.7 – Fixed Post Injection

logo-512x512Improved Post Injection, a first inroad into a sales platform and more. It took a few days, but post injection should now work a lot better. Better paragraph detection, no stray adverts at the end of your content anymore. And it’s faster too ๐Ÿ™‚

Post Injection

As mentioned, Post Injection got an important update. The before and after setting usually worked fine but the ‘between paragraphs’ usually didn’t. This should now work much better. Paragraphs are now properly recognised and adverts are inserted between them much faster now. Because of the new system the stray advert that got inserted at the end of your content should be a thing of the past, too.

Mobile adverts

A new addition is Mobile adverts, this feature lets AdRotate Pro differentiate between desktop and mobile user and show adverts accordingly. The filter works similar to Geo Targeting. If you create a group and put a mobile advert in there and a regular one AdRotate will then show the appropriate advert to the right device. The filter supports all popular mobile systems including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. As well as some of the older ones like Windows Mobile/CE, Symbian and Blackberry devices. Manuals for this feature will be added over the next few days.

Budgeting, CPM and CPC

Another change is a small-ish relabelling of the budgeting options to reflect more mainstream terms like CPC and CPM. This also means that the CPI is now CPM. So your current CPI should be multiplied by 1000 to get the new CPM value. So if your Impression rate was 0.0005 you should change that to 5 to get the CPM value.
This is more in line with things like AdWords and similar systems. But it also serves as another step towards AdRotate Pro accepting advertiser payments. Which will be implemented at some point.
Before that makes sense though, a bunch of things need updating. This was one of them.
Another welcome addition is to make the budget, CPC and CPM rates visible in the dashboard. If you have adverts that use these values, you’ll see immediately how useful that is.


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  • [new] Show select adverts on mobile only when in a group
  • [new] Budget, CPC and CPM visible on advert overview
  • [new] Budget, CPC and CPM visible for advertisers
  • [tweak] Minor tweaks and improvements to dashboards
  • [fix] Serialize error when exporting multiple adverts
  • [fix] Geo data not serialized when importing CSV file
  • [fix] Advertiser summary stats navigation now works
  • [fix] Advertiser ads with errors not listed in regular dashboard
  • [fix] More accurate regexes for AdRotate Tracker
  • [fix] Ambiguous array match in post injection
  • [fix] Unwanted advert after content with post injection on some settings
  • [i18n] Updated strings for all language files