AdRotate Pro 3.13 – Better HTML5 support

logo-512x512It took some doing but it’s finally ready. A number of tweaks, bugfixes but also something new. HTML5 adverts now enjoy better support via the AdRotate file manager.

HTML5 adverts

HTML5 adverts are becoming more and more popular and while they’ve always worked fine with AdRotate (Pro) the extra assets involved often made it rather hard to use them. Requiring manual uploads and stuff like that.

AdRotate Pro can now handle those files in it’s media manager. Where before you could only upload images and flash files, you can now also add javascript and html files.
So no more FTP’ing of stuff.
What you do still need to do though is edit those files involved and change the paths/urls in them. But that’s not so hard and I can help you with that if you need it.

Getting HTML5 adverts to work

While you can probably do most of the tweaks your self this may be a daunting task the first few times. Editing code and all that. Many people are not very comfortable with that.
To help out those who are unsure what to do or simply don’t know or want to edit the files themselves I can do that for you. For a small fee I’ll help you out with any number of HTML5 adverts you have. The only requirement is that the advert is ‘working’ and complete. Check out pricing here.


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  • [new] Fallback groups now take their parent multisite id into account
  • [new] Manage HTML5 file assets via the AdRotate Media manager
  • [new] Create HTML5 adverts more easily
  • [new] More ‘after paragraph’ options for Post Injection
  • [change] Removed all ‘every N paragraph’ options for post injection
  • [tweak] Faster tag adding when using Google Analytics
  • [tweak] Faster tag adding for Piwik Analytics
  • [fix] Responsive and adblock class overwriting existing html classes
  • [fix] Tracking pixel for some adverts that didn’t need it
  • [fix] Redirect when advertiser exports stats
  • [fix] Post Injection cutting off content at the end of posts
  • [fix] Impression timer not always accurate for some users
  • [fix] Timezone notation not always valid
  • [i18n] New and updated strings