AdRotate Pro 3.14 now available

logo-512x512A bit overdue, but here is AdRotate Pro version 3.14 bringing you a few new goodies and some fixes. Advert editing just got better, Geo Targeting got a bit of a update and the settings page got overhauled.

Live Previews

AdRotate Pro now has a fancy live preview. Type something valid in the AdCode field and you’ll see it immediately below the textarea without having to save the advert first.
Of-course to make the changes permanent you still need to save things ๐Ÿ™‚

Geo Targeting Regions

Geo Targeting has had a little update – You can not select regions such as east or west Europe to target a whole bunch of countries at once. This is sort of a shortcut to select sets of countries. After you’ve saved the region, all relevant countries will be stored for you.


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  • [new] Predefined regions when setting up Geo Targeting
  • [new] Live previews when editing adverts
  • [new] Complete overhaul of the settings page
  • [fix] Multisite ID for fallback not applied correctly
  • [change] Updated Widget Class structure
  • [change] Revised debug options
  • [change] Support form now uses Reply-To instead of From
  • [change] License API updated
  • [i18n] New and updated translation strings