AdRotate Pro 3.17.1 – Available now

logo-512x512A small update fixing a few things. The confusing icons for Mobile usage have been made more logical. Also for mobile adverts the filter has been improved so that if you select both Phone and Tablets as devices AdRotate will no longer look for devices that are both… Yep…

And lastly, some iFrame adverts turn out to be broken, but functional. This may cause some issues with the live preview feature in AdRotate Pro. Most of those adverts will overflow the preview box and take over the entire screen. Meaning you can’t save or edit the advert.
To stop this, you can now disable Live Previews in AdRotate settings.


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  • [fix] Clearer icon usage for desktop adverts
  • [fix] More flexible filter when adverts are phone or tablet only
  • [fix] Post Injection not always working if using multiple groups
  • [new] Option to disable Live Preview of adverts


Honduras Bay

At some points you can barely see the bay from the main road to Puerto Galera in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚