AdRotate Pro 3.18.1 – Geo updates

logo-512x512A small update mainly aimed at Geo Targeting and some maintenance. The settings dashboards have had some tweaks so options are better explained. Some on/off settings were ambiguous. While updating that I came across a slew of strings that were in the translation files, but weren’t actually translated. This has been fixed too.

Geo Targeting

With the closing of Telize as a public Geo Lookup service AdRotate will no longer support Telize. Their offering of free data for money is not something I wish to support. AdRotate Geo uses the same database and is free to use to AdRotate Pro users.

If you currently have Telize selected it will silently fail and redirect to AdRotate Geo starting with AdRotate 3.18.1. Also starting with this version of AdRotate Pro you’ll get 75000 free lookups per day, up from 50000. The AdRotate Geo API has been updated to version, which versions 3.18.1 and up will utilise. This API should be a tiny bit faster, too. Win win!

Another nice update is that ipv6 now actually works for both MaxMind and AdRotate Geo. It sort-off kinda worked already. But using the updated AdRotate Geo API the ipv6 IP’s will actually validate and work as-is. AdRotate Geo API 1 would accept, but not validate the IP.
MaxMind already quietly supported ipv6 IP’s.

Name change

After updating AdRotate Pro, the plugin may not re-activate for some people.
This is related to the main file name changing name. WordPress is standardising their stuff and requires all plugin names and such to be up to date.
AdRotate Pro still used the slug for the free version – Which works fine. But this is no longer allowed.

In my tests on a development site and live site the plugin update went fine. No re-activation required. But for you this may be different. Just activate the plugin manually and things will work again.


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  • [new] ipv6 support for AdRotate Geo
  • [update] AdRotate Geo now allows 75k lookups per day
  • [update] ipv6 support for MaxMind
  • [change] Telize no longer supported
  • [change] Few dashboard updates, better wording and such
  • [change] Removed obsolete ‘link’ column from adrotate table
  • [fix] i18n text domain for some strings
  • [i18n] Translation files updated


How many houses

I passed by these slums while walking towards the harbour this afternoon.
Guess how many houses are in this picture?