AdRotate Pro 3.18 – Available now!

logo-512x512A bunch of refinements to the Mobile features. Which is very much under development. Thanks to Mike Caha and his staff for their input and testing. Another interesting addition is sortable columns in relevant dashboards.

The responsive feature is now depreciated and you are encouraged to move things over to the newer and easier to use mobile features. For now the Responsive feature is still there and unchanged. But it won’t be developed further.


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  • [new] Option to disable dynamic mode on mobile devices
  • [new] Added ‘Desktop’ option to Mobile adverts
  • [new] Optionally let advertisers use the Mobile adverts option
  • [new] Basic sortable columns for most dashboard tables
  • [fix] Region selection not working for advertisers
  • [change] Responsive feature is now deprecated
  • [i18n] Updated translation files


Golfing in the mountains

In the Philippines, that’s possible. In Puerto Galera there is a 9 hole golf course. The other day I went there for the view… It’s about 800m above sea-level. The view down to Puerto Galera and White Beach is awesome!