AdRotate Pro 3.19 available now

logo-512x512It took a while to get right. Also the lack of feedback from a few people who were supposedly testing the beta slowed things down. But, things work for me. On both my test and real site. Yay and stuff.


AdRotate Pro’s widget was kinda stale and dated – Requiring a manual ID entry. I have created 2 easier to use widgets. Or I hope they’re easier to use. The widgets are simpler to control, one for adverts and one for groups.


Caching support

The implementation for W3 Total Cache has been updated to work. The current widget will not be updated for it. In a few months or so the old widget will go away entirely. The new widget uses the new implementation. Along with shortcode output, which has also been updated.

If you want your widgets to work with W3 Total Caches fragmented caching you’ll want to switch over to the new widgets soon-ish. For shortcodes no action is required. The existing shortcodes have been updated.

Geo Targeting

AdRotate Pro now uses version 3 of my Geo API. This version is a bit faster and more efficient.
Also here, no action required on your part. AdRotate Pro will automatically use the newer API.
The API now handles in excess of 800000 requests per day. Quite a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll see how things hold up.

Post Injection

Once again, post injection has been updated. Stuffing multiple groups behind various paragraphs should now work more reliable. Meaning, adverts will actually show for more complex setups.

Another new fancy thing is that Post Injection now finally works for widgets as well. You can set Post Injection to ‘Widget’ now and then set up a group widget with that group. The widget will detect the post injection setting and act accordingly for pages and/or posts. Quite neat I think. This will work for both the standard Sidebar and other widget areas. The old widget does not support this feature. So using the new group widget is encouraged ๐Ÿ™‚


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [new] Post Injection extends to widgets
  • [new] Page Injection extends to widgets
  • [new] All new widgets for easier control and setup
  • [new] AdRotate Geo API v3
  • [new] AdRotate Update API v4
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [change] Better W3 Total Cache support
  • [fix] Post injection not always showing with multiple groups
  • [fix] Better day recognition for schedules
  • [fix] Correct schedule creation for renewing adverts
  • [fix] Correct device icons for adverts in groups and schedules
  • [fix] Removed obsolete useragent column from database
  • [fix] Better use of WP_Error for Geo Targeting
  • [fix] Better error reporting for Geo Targeting


Beta testing

In order to test a bunch of things I sent out beta versions to people willing to test. Once again it turned out a waste of time as nobody provided any feedback on things and just took the files and ran. Thanks for your assistance guys, really…
I probably won’t be providing beta’s again anytime soon ๐Ÿ™

I went into a cave!

I took a boat and went to this small rock island at the mound of Campomares Bay near Sipalay City. There was a big cave with tons of bats. Also one caveman was found… Red ‘Iron man’ shirt, unwieldy beard. Claims he made AdRotate and thinks that makes him famous. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?