AdRotate Pro 3.20.1 – Bugfixes!

logo-512x512A small-ish update fixing a bunch of things. Todays stats now show up correctly and AdRotate Pro now no longer nags you about W3 Total Cache when it shouldn’t. A bunch of output variables are now properly defined (and no longer show notices).


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  • [fix] Daily stats not always showing for some adverts
  • [fix] Error about W3 Total Cache not being active while it is
  • [fix] Undefined variable output
  • [fix] Path to banner image (logo) in some notifications


Morning Glory

Sewers are not always a luxury… Yes that stream is the sewer. And people live above it. Aside from whatever goes in a sewer, this one also was littered with garbage and plant debris. Combined with the 6 lane highway behind me it makes for a nice living environment… Right in the middle of Cebu City. Did I mention there’s a freight yard next door, too?


That’s the Cebu City Port area for you. Highly commercialised and rife with industry. But also full of labourers living here.