AdRotate Pro 3.20.2 – Tweaks and fixes

logo-512x512A small but important update fixing and improving a bunch of things. Most notably a more clear and consistent display of statistics for advert reports and group reports. And also, to relieve stress for my AdRotate Geo API a basic mechanic to use less requests if you run out of lookups. Keep in mind that if you consistently go over the daily limit of 30000 lookups geo Targeting will NOT work during that time. You should consider upgrading to a paid MaxMind subscription instead. Links for that are in AdRotate Settings -> Geo Targeting.


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  • [fix] AdRotate menu missing in Multisite super admin dashboard
  • [fix] No requests made if you run out of lookups for AdRotate Geo
  • [change] More logical stats display in advert and group reports
  • [change] More consistent use of plugins_url()
  • [change] More consistent use of dirname()


Brown mountains of green

While on Bohol I couldn’t pass up on the Chocolate Hills of-course. I went there twice. It rained both times ๐Ÿ™ unfortunately. But the sights are really nice. Pictures do not do the place justice…