AdRotate Pro 3.21 – Trash Bin and bugfixes!

logo-512x512It’s been a while. And it’s been a busy time. I’ve been house hunting in Iloilo City, Philippines. Then when that failed, tried again in Dumaguete City… And now I’ve moved in. Ready to make updates again. I even have proper ADSL, yay!

Bin, binned and deleted

This version is mainly a maintenance release, but one interesting new feature made it’s way in. A Bin. You can now delete adverts (as usual), but instead of being removed they’re put in the bin. Should you change your mind, you have 3 days to restore it. If not, AdRotate automatically deletes the advert and it’s data after 3 days.

This works as easy as selecting the adverts and selecting ‘remove’ from bulk actions. You’ll notice that this replaces the ‘Delete’ option. Once in the bin you can let them sit there, or delete them immediately with the ‘Delete’ option. Simple as anything ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll see the ‘Bin’ as a new option in Manage Adverts.

Hide notifications

And by popular demand, you can now hide advert expiry notifications in your dashboard. Apparently people do not want to be reminded of their adverts expiring. So, in AdRotate Settings > Notifications you now have some options to configure that. Error states and other issues in AdRotate Pro can not be turned off, to get rid of those you’re gonna have to fix the listed issues.


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  • [new] Automatic trash bin for deleted adverts
  • [new] Expired advert notifications can now be hidden
  • [fix] Live preview switch worked backwards
  • [fix] Demo adverts schedules created correctly
  • [fix] Notice of license activation on some multisite setups
  • [fix] Description label for MaxMind account fields
  • [fix] Serbia and Montenegro are now separated for Geo Targeting
  • [fix] Widget padding setting using current class
  • [fix] Widget padding setting now supports new widgets


Hipster iPod speakers

You’ll find these clusters of Bamboo everywhere in the Philippines. Unspoilt and untouched. That’ll make for a ton of iPod speakers though ๐Ÿ™‚