AdRotate Pro 3.22 – Maintenance release

logo-512x512A small but important update for AdRotate Pro. This version improves the pathing for assets and banner images. Paths were not used very consistently. With the help and feedback of some users this was greatly improved for non-standard setups where the wp-content folder or the entire site is not in the root of your hosting space.

Post Injection appeared broken for some setups. Some of the code determining the site id variable didn’t work reliably, or not at all. This has been fixed. Some other small under the hood tweaks have been made, most notably to the code comments and layout of settings dashboards.


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  • [update] General tab settings layout
  • [fix] More consistent paths for banner assets
  • [fix] More reliable Post Injection for multisites


Alona Beach

Sometimes called the ‘Poor man’s Boracay’. There is nothing poor about this place. Hotels and resorts are available in all price ranges. And most cheaper/mid-range ones use photoshopped pics to look like the more high-end resorts. Yea… Do your research before booking.
But, the beach is nice. Just not as nice as the many pictures you’ll find in ‘official’ resources.