AdRotate Pro 4.1.1 – Bugfixes

logo-512x512A whole bunch of bugfixes for the new features and the overall dashboard.
Widgets do now work again, settings can be saved and there is actual output.

I couldn’t reproduce or find a proper cause for garbled output when you use W3 Total Cache. But the new widget “before” and “after” fields we’re not properly hooked into the fragmented caching feature so that should fix that. Some quirks on the dashboard are resolved for a smoother experience and statistics overview.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [fix] Better colour indicators for adverts in various dashboards
  • [fix] Undefined notices in widgets
  • [fix] Caching output not always working
  • [fix] Widgets not always keeping settings when saving
  • [fix] Widgets not following network setting for some people
  • [fix] Stats display giving errors when there are no stats
  • [fix] Cleaner statistics display for clicks/impressions/ctr



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