AdRotate Pro 4.1.2 – Bugfixes and tweaks

logo-512x512Maintenance update fixing a whole bunch of quirks and items related to advertisers. Some changes made on user feedback, a lot of fixes and tweaks also based on user feedback. Advertiser features should now work more smooth and logical.


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  • [new] Australian Dollars for transactions
  • [new] Fallback groups hidden for advertisers
  • [fix] No longer list empty adverts in transactions menu
  • [fix] Wrong table prefix for new listing adverts in new transactions
  • [fix] Better widget output for W3 Total Cache
  • [fix] Todays stats for single adverts displaying the wrong numbers
  • [fix] Undefined notices on Advertiser pages
  • [fix] Undefined notices on User creation page
  • [fix] Unpaid adverts showing as active when editing groups
  • [fix] Unpaid adverts still showing for some groups



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  1. I love your Travel Partner Photo, Looks like a Great Place.

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