AdRotate Pro 4.10 – Bugfixes and translations

A small update fixing some things for advertisers and how they manage adverts. A bunch of updates and changes have been made to translation files. Lots of strings were missing or had the wrong label apparently. This has been fixed.

Changelog for 4.10

  • [fix] Not setting the right currency for non USD paypal accounts
  • [fix] Unpaid status not always correctly showing for adverts
  • [i18n] Added missing strings in dashboard notifications
  • [i18n] Corrected/included lots of missing strings

Some zoo’s don’t deserve to be one

The one I was on is high on my imaginary list of shitty zoo’s.
I’ve emailed a number of animal preservation organizations to hopefully get the tigers and monkeys out… What a sorry mess ๐Ÿ™