AdRotate Pro 4.11 – New features!

Happy new year!
It’s been a while, the new year has arrived. And with that, a bunch of new features right of the bat. I’ve re-added FreegeoIP for Geo Targeting. Added more caching support options and support for Google their new tracking tag.
Check out the settings in the plugin to see more.

I’ve made a number of changes to the dashboard, including the removal of the slow and ugly Facebook widget. I’m sort of looking to phase out Facebook a bit more from my life, so now you have a pretty banner to my website to look at. Among with some other dashboard improvements.

Changes for 4.11

  • [new] Borlabs Cache support
  • [new] Google Analytics Global Tag support
  • [new] Support Jetpack Photon for certain advert assets
  • [new] FreegeoIP support for Geo Targeting
  • [change] Dashboard updates and improvements
  • [change] Dashboard notifications improved
  • [fix] Incorrect function call to advert preview when editing

Got Rice?

Filipinos love rice for some reason. So it’s no surprise that most farmers in the country are rice farmers. I love the green color of ‘almost-ready-to-harvest’ rice fields.