AdRotate Pro 4.17 – Improved PHP7 Compatibility

This is the first update of the year for AdRotate Professional. And we’re starting with some PHP7 Compatibility improvements. Keep reporting the quirks guys, it really helps ๐Ÿ™‚

Earlier this month I revamped the whole website and a few things changed. This update implements those changes. New URLs and such. So the relevant urls, my LinkedIn and some other things for contacting me have been updated to be up-to-date again.

Demo banners

The demo banners used to link to a separate domain. Recently I let this domain expire a bit prematurely as I didn’t use it and wasn’t planning on using it. Now someone bought the domain and put a fake website on it. Don’t let that fool you. And yes, my lawyer is looking into it.

The only place to get AdRotate Professional or any related service legitimately is on this website – Advertising Network ads are contextual and hence always relevant to your content. They are also native by design and highly customizable, delivering a great user experience and higher CTRs.

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Changes for version 4.17

  • [change] AdRotate Geo auto-disables when overusing the API
  • [change] Updated demo banners
  • [change] Updated help tabs
  • [change] Updated action links
  • [fix] Improved PHP7 compatibility

The Colosseum

I’m currently in Rome, Italy. Checking out all the ancient stuff the city is littered with. Here is the colosseum at 7pm ๐Ÿ™‚