AdRotate Pro 4.18.1 – AdRotate Geo more reliable and fast

AdRotate Geo

I’ve upgraded AdRotate Geo to version 5. The older API will be retired in a few months. The newer API has better protection against fake users and stuff like that. Hopefully it’ll be faster for legitimate users ๐Ÿ™‚

More importantly to you – the new API will no longer send empty responses like some users using version AdRotate Pro 4.17 experienced. So it’s working more reliable now, too.

Post Injection

Post Injection now supports caching just like Widgets and Shortcodes do. Same settings, same ease of use. I’ve worked with Benjamin from Borlabs Caching to test the implementation over the last few days with good results. Check out his plugin if you’re interested in caching for your website.

Changes for version 4.18

  • [change] Now uses AdRotate Geo v5
  • [new] Post injection now compatible with Caching plugins
  • [fix] AdRotate Geo sending empty responses
  • [i18n] Updated translations

Changes for version 4.18.1

  • [fix] Post injection not always working with Caching plugins

When in Rome

Eat pizza… I was in Rome, Italy last week. The city is littered with pizza places and ruins from days past. Every stone and rock means something or has some kind of significance.