AdRotate Pro 4.2.1 – Fixing transients

A bunch of fixes related to the recently introduced transient api. Including some maintenance and cleanup functions. Aparently WordPress can’t do this on it’s own. Expired transients would linger around, resulting in large databases. This update fixes that. Graps and stats are now displayed correctly again.


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  • [new] Maintenance function to clean up AdRotate transients
  • [change] Clearer color-scheme for schedules that are expiring
  • [fix] Advertiser dropdown no longer shows non-advertiser
  • [fix] Stats link not showing for expired adverts
  • [fix] Graphs showing hourly stats instead of days
  • [fix] Unexpected output when activating the plugin
  • [fix] Periodic stats table misaligned for advert stats
  • [i18n] Added missing translation strings for settings tabs



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