AdRotate Pro 4.2 – Object Caching!

A smallish, but important update to increase speed and efficiency. AdRotate Pro now uses the Object cache for temporary stats and Transients for temporary data.
This should cut down a lot of queries. I’ve tested this on a few sites over the last few weeks and it brought a nice speed boost.
Other improvements include correct stats on general stats and better labels for graphs.


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  • [new] Usage of WP Object Cache for stats
  • [new] Moved tracker data to WP Transient API
  • [change] Stats now counted per hour instead of per day
  • [change] Updated Elycharts to v2.1.6
  • [fix] Impressions now always show on adverts dashboard
  • [fix] Post Injection not always in the right location for categories
  • [fix] Undefined notice on Main AdRotate dashboard
  • [fix] Undefined notice on Transactions dashboard
  • [fix] Hide relevant dashboard links if advertisers are disabled
  • [fix] Count correct number of hourly impressions
  • [fix] Tracking hash split in the right values
  • [fix] ‘best’ and ‘least’ advert counts showing wrong numbers
  • [fix] Graph date labels showing through each other
  • [fix] Not all Geo Targeting strings translated
  • [i18n] Polish translation via Michal


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