AdRotate Pro 4.4 – Fixing transients!

An important update fixing transients – Or their removal rather. The Transient API is not fast enough for AdRotate Pros needs. So we’re moving it back to it’s own system again. The proven method that actually worked.

Another important fix is for AdRotate Geo to use the correct URL again, so the service actually gives useful data. And a number of tweaks and fixes is included as well.


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  • [new] Re-enable schedules from Maintenance
  • [fix] invalid AdRotate Geo Url
  • [fix] Correct date range for advertiser stats on summary
  • [change] moved tracker data back to it’s own system
  • [change] Updated the database installer
  • [change] Don’t count impressions for unknown IP addresses


Houses in the jungle

While going through the jungle we came across these houses. Made entirely of wood, palmleaf and bamboo.

I like their style.