AdRotate Pro 4.5 – Fixing tracker data and graphs

Mostly a bugfix release but also a new feature. You can now set adverts and schedules to delete themselves after they expire with a simple checkbox.

Auto delete

In the settings of each advert and schedule you’ll find a checkbox to auto-delete itself one day after the advert or schedule expires. This is very useful if you have a lot of campaigns that do not require renewing or attention after they end.

Statistics graphs

Graphs have been sowing inaccurate dates since version 4.1.5 (released a few weeks ago). Data collection has not been affected and has been accurate. Due to some internal changes on how to display and store stats the graphs showed wrong dates and as such not always correct day-to-day stats. This has now been fixed and graphs will show correct dates after this update.

Exporting stats uses an updated algorithm which may show a hard to read export until the end of the month. Double dates can be summed up as these are hourly stats instead of daily stats. AdRotate Pro has switch back to storing daily stats.


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  • Note: Graphs may show cluttered for previously collected stats.
  • Note: Exports may be hard to read for previously collected stats.
  • [new] Option to automatically delete expired adverts
  • [new] Option to automatically delete expired schedules
  • [change] Stats now stored in daily increments again
  • [fix] Stats graphs now show more accurate dates/numbers for days
  • [fix] Improved PHP7 compatibility
  • [fix] Close link for ‘rate AdRotate Pro’ banner
  • [fix] Impression spread indicator when selecting schedules
  • [fix] Tracker data cleanup should now work
  • [fix] Network widget showing correct settings after saving
  • [fix] Network widget showing correct advert for single adverts


Unfettered wildernis

While on our roadtrip earlier this month we found ourselves near this small lake to take a break. No celltowers, no cars, no people. Just us and nature.