AdRotate Pro 4.6 – Make AdRotate great again!

Well, for the most part it’s already great… But you know, bugfixes are always good! In this update are a whole bunch of somewhat important fixes. Transactions should now work much smoother. Notifications are working again – All of them. And some statistics quirks have been improved.

Widgets now show correct information in their settings and should actually work. File loading has been improved and the banners and reports folder can now more easily be moved for new setups.


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  • [new] Indicator if stats are on when using external trackers
  • [change] More portable inclusion method for files
  • [change] Banners folder can now be moved more easily
  • [change] Reports folder can now be moved more easily
  • [fix] Double (or more) digit ID’s showing wrong in widgets
  • [fix] Notifications for advert statuses
  • [fix] Ambiguous id in object for showing schedules in stats
  • [fix] Missing transaction_id when managing transactions
  • [fix] Notices in advertiser dashboard if advertiser has no adverts
  • [fix] Now correctly shows worst performing advert for advertisers
  • [fix] Number of expired adverts showing correctly on info page


Roads are overrated

Being in the Philippines having a Dual sport or off-road bike sometimes just makes sense. I drive a Dual sport, with Enduro tires – Which from my understanding is semi-off-road. And where I currently live, that’s most useful.