AdRotate Pro 4.7 – Improving stuff!

At long last – An update. This update improves and fixes importing adverts, exporting adverts and stats. The update also changes how the banner folder is handled a bit and more importantly, where it can be located. Translations have been updated with new strings that can be translated.

Skipping last month

Last month AdRotate Pro didn’t get an update. As you may have read I’ve been in a motorbike accident and couldn’t move my arm very well for a few weeks. I did update AdRotate Free, but when that was finished I was kind of fed up having a hurting arm from the typing and stuff. So I took a few weeks rest and skipped the AdRotate Pro update. All changes from last month have been folded into this update.

Banner folder changes

Due to how WordPress works (or doesn’t work) giving too much freedoms for folder locations doesn’t exactly work without a crap-ton of work. I hate re-inventing the wheel so the logical choice was to get with the program and force the banners folder to be in the wp-content folder (or it’s equivalent).

This means that if your banners folder is currently NOT in the default location you should move it to somewhere AdRotate Pro can reach it. The new allowed location is inside the wp-content folder. The default location is /wp-content/banners/ .

Annoying, but if the growing menace that is WP Multisite is any indication, this is now a hard requirement for most plugins since WordPress after all these years only caters to content in the wp-content folder, and not for other locations.

AdRotate pro will try to create a new folder in wp-content as /wp-content/banners/ .
It will also update the banner folder location to this new setting so that all adverts you currently have will look for their image in this folder.
This will be fine for 90% of all users, if not more.

If you need help moving your banner files to the new location – Please get in touch: Forum, or use the contact form in your dashboard.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [new] Advert exports to CSV
  • [new] Advert importing from CSV
  • [new] Option to delete old export files in Settings > Maintenance
  • [change] Banner folder must be in wp-content (or it’s equivalent)
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [change] XML importing and exporting no longer supported
  • [change] Advert exporting now requires ‘ad_manage’ permission
  • [fix] Improved PHP7 compatibility
  • [fix] Sortable columns now properly assigned
  • [fix] Exporting of adverts
  • [i18n] Updated all po files with new strings


I can’t see my house from here!

Having recovered from my accident (or almost) I can go ride again. If I’m careful I can drive up into the mountains. My house is behind the mountain range somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚