AdRotate Pro 4.8 – Exciting new stuff!

It’s been a while, but there are still features to be added to AdRotate Pro from time to time. This is one such update. Check out the form for creating/editing adverts and groups for new controls.

Most notably you can not turn off repeated impression counting for dynamic groups – Useful for if your adverts are in a tab that’s open for a long time.
And a super useful code generator. Simply provide bits of adverts (such as supplied by your advertiser), a link, image, some settings. And AdRotate will try to generate a working from advert from that.

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  • [new] Advert code generator
  • [new] Hide selected adverts from logged in users
  • [new] Count impressions for the first cycle in dynamic groups
  • [fix] Unable to edit adverts with empty titles

Grassy views

I drove up a mountain again, found a new view to fall in love with!