AdRotate Pro 4.9 – Fixing schedules!

Finally, it’s mostly ready. Yay!
A number of important bugfixes are included in this version – Among others, no more overzealous schedule deleting in some specific situations. This took me a while to get to the bottom of.

Also the code generator has been expanded a bit and improved throughout the plugin. Half finished adverts are no longer showing up in Groups and Schedules in the dashboard.

Image management

Long overdue, the media manager got a bit of a overhaul. And it’s mostly done.
The AdRotate Pro Media Manager now supports 2 layers of folders. This is useful for campaigns and HTML5 adverts.

What this means is that if you have a HTML5 advert you can now create a folder for that advert, where you put all the assets in. What’s more, inside that folder you can subdivide those files by type. For example a folder for javascripts and another for images. Or whatever you want really. As long as you stick to 2 layers.

This was already possible if you’ve used (s)FTP and did everything manually. It worked fine, but AdRotate didn’t list the files anywhere and was mostly unaware of them. With the new Media Manager things are more visible.

Uploading of assets

You could already upload assets (files) to the banners folder from the Media Manager. This has been improved that you can now select which folder the asset goes into.

This makes management of those files and stuff much easier.

Not entirely complete

Everything available in the Media Manager now, works. Tested on modern Linux systems with relevant/current PHP and Apache versions.

However, creating of folders is not yet a thing. I haven’t quite figured that out yet. Also how to fit that into the UI. And I’m keen on adding archive support. So you can just upload a zip file. This is a thing in WordPress their upload stuff. But also here, I haven’t figured out how that works yet.

And lastly – Renaming of folders/files is not available. I’m not sure if it will be, but I’m looking into it. Maybe I’ll add it at some point.

Changes for 4.9

  • [new] Media manager with folder support
  • [new] Image alt attribute in code generator
  • [new] Url title attribute in code generator
  • [fix] Undefined index notices for code generator
  • [fix] Hide ‘Generated’ adverts in when editing groups
  • [fix] Hide ‘Generated’ adverts in when editing schedules
  • [fix] Cleanup code more accurate and efficient
  • [fix] No longer loose all schedules in certain situations
  • [i18n] Updated language files

Sunsets are nice

Every day I can enjoy a sunset like this. Some days there are few clouds like yesterday. Across the water is Negros Island, the south east bit. Soon, I’ll be driving along the mountain there to the north end of the island.