AdRotate Pro 5.0 – Better stats, better exports

Better stats, Better dashboard

This update focuses on the dashboard and display of stats. While the graphs in themselves haven’t changed – You can now navigate them much easier with datepickers. You can pick any range you want and see much more than just one month at a time. It took a while to figure out but this seems to work fine ๐Ÿ™‚

A much requested feature for some time now. And finally it’s here. Let me know if you run into any quirks with the datepickers so I can improve them if nessesary.

Throughout pretty much every dashboard page there have been little tweaks and changes. Nothing all that drastic, but just small updates to make it just that better looking. Spacing, typos, field sizes. Pretty much everything got a good look and probably a little tweak. If you notice any irregularities, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Advertising partners

I’m currently partnered with and Blind Ferret and thought it would be a good idea to team up with a few more to bring even more variety to your adverts if you so choose. Check out the dashboard in AdRotate and AdRotate Pro to see what they have to offer, or take a look at the new Advertising Partners Page here on the site.

I reached out to publishing platforms and became thoroughly frustrated with that industry as a whole. I tried to get in touch with a few publishing networks sort of assuming there would be some kind of affiliate program or interest to work on some agreement. Boy was I wrong.

So, here we are with no new publishing networks, still. I’m on the lookout for new advertising partners though. If you know of a good publishing network, maybe one you’ve worked with and want to recommend. Let me know via the contact page. Thanks!

Changes for AdRotate Pro 5.0

  • [new] Advertising Partners dashboard
  • [new] Advert Header code support
  • [new] Dynamic ranges for statistics graphs
  • [fix] Example adverts in Advertiser dashboard
  • [update] Better localized dates for stats
  • [update] Dashboard formatting and layout
  • [update] Exports finally use the new datepicker