AdRotate Pro 5.12.5 – Improved zip file handling

AdRotate Professional 5.12.5 improves the setting up of HTML5 adverts that come in a prepackaged zip file. As you may know you can upload complete and functional HTML5 adverts as a zip file via the Asset Manager in AdRotate Professional. The idea is that if you get a complete HTML5 advert sent to you you do not have to imitate the folder structure and upload each file separately. Instead you just upload the zip file and AdRotate Pro does all that for you.

Easy peasy.

Along with improved zip file handling a number of small improvements to the dashboard have been included as well.

Supporting Zip Files

AdRotate Pro always supported a number of ‘types’ of zip files. Most commonly those created and supported by Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. In this update a few less used types are added as well so that there won’t be (or less so) issues with the internal mime-type of the file. This is sort of like an identifier for Operating Systems so they know its actually a zip file and not a virus masquerading as one. Every file has a mime-type for this purpose.

AdRotate Pro now supports more variations and handles errors better when a file is not what it appears to be.
More safe, more support, more better!

Setting up AdRotate Professional with Google Analytics 4

Earlier this year AdRotate Pro stats for Google Analytics 4 got overhauled. If you’re using GA4 you can read in the manuals below how to set it up.

My preferred method is still the Global Tag, this is of-course because it’s less of a hassle to get working. But both methods are interchangeable with AdRotate sending the same Events since version 5.12.3.

Changes in AdRotate Professional 5.12.5

  • [fix] Improved handling for uploaded zip files
  • [fix] Missing space in welcome popup title
  • [fix] Schedule expiry notifications
  • [tweak] Improved error reporting for uploaded zip files
  • [tweak] Added ‘application/zip-compressed’ as acceptable mime-type
  • [tweak] Simplified General Settings page
  • [tweak] Clarified test button text on Notifications settings page
  • [tweak] Updated schedule selection when editing adverts


The update is available now, you can update through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download in your dashboard.
Or if you do not have AdRotate Pro yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.

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