AdRotate Pro 5.12 – Google Analytics 4 support!

AdRotate Professional 5.12 finally adds proper Google Analytics 4 support. I was under the impression this already worked through the regular Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager but it turns out it didn’t work correctly. This has been fixed for both trackers.
The custom events have been redone and replace previous implementations so it should be really easy to set up.

Google Analytics 4 has a bunch of differences between previous versions and requires a bit more setup. For this I’ve created several guides with screenshots to help you through the process.

My preferred method is through the Global Tag, simply because it’s less of a hassle to get working. But both methods are interchangeable in AdRotate sending the same Event. Previously this wasn’t the case and both trackers would send their own Event. This has now been ‘corrected’ as well.

The Global Site Tag is now marked as depreciated. I believe Google will discontinue it in July 2023 or something. So it’s time to switch to Matomo, or loose functionality with Google Analytics 4. I switched to Matomo years ago.

And finally, a few tweaks have been made to AdBlock disguise. Updating the disguise tag now also updates all generated group CSS. So you do not have to re-save every group to generate new CSS code anymore. Dynamic groups no longer show all ads on the first load on slower websites or if the javascript doesn’t load.

Good stuff 🥳

Changes in AdRotate Professional 5.12

  • [new] Google Analytics 4 support through Global Tag (gtag.js)
  • [fix] Update group CSS when Adblock Disguise hash changes
  • [fix] License form sometimes hidden when it should not be
  • [tweak] All but the first ad are set to display:none; for dynamic groups


The update is available now, you can update through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download in your dashboard.
Or if you do not have AdRotate Pro yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.

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