AdRotate Pro 5.13 – Quality of life improvements

AdRotate Professional 5.13 improves and fixes a number of things in the Advertiser dashboard and improves management of advertiser created adverts. Color coding of ads now works more logical and the moderation dropdown menu when approving or rejecting ads works easier now.

AdRotate Pro has been tested to work on WordPress 6.3.1. A new version of MobileDetect has been bundled. MobileDetect handles on which device or operating system adverts are shown.
And the AdRotate Geo database, on my server, has been updated to the latest GeoIP database from Maxmind. This is of-course important for Geo Targeting accuracy.

Setting up AdRotate Professional with Google Analytics 4

Earlier this year AdRotate Pro stats for Google Analytics 4 got overhauled. If you’re using GA4 you can read in the manuals below how to set it up.

Several people have voiced concerns over missing data or events not being reported to Google Analytics. I have tested this and both the Universal Tag and Tag Manager implementation work as intended with all data being present.
The dashboard from Google Analytics 4 is really terrible set up though, so it’s easy to miss where your data goes.
I don’t use GA4 myself, if someone knowledgable with its event reporting has a better idea to send/receive data for stats then get in touch, perhaps we can improve the display of data withe a better manual or by sending events differently.

Changes in AdRotate Professional 5.13

  • [fix] Typo in DONOTCACHEOBJECT constant name
  • [fix] Wrong weight for advertiser created adverts
  • [fix] Advert status selector when moderating advertiser adverts
  • [update] Updated MobileDetect to version 3.74
  • [tweak] Description text for Advert Generator
  • [tweak] Added title to weekday ticks for schedules
  • [tweak] Added title to impression ticks for schedules
  • [new] Devices logic checks to advertiser dashboard
  • [new] Dashboard notification when ads are queued up
  • [removed] Experimental weight levels from advertiser dashboard
  • [api] Updated AdRotate Geo IP/country database


The update is available now, you can update through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download in your dashboard.
Or if you do not have AdRotate Pro yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.

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