AdRotate Pro 5.14.1 – Fixing groups

Version 5.14.1 is a quick update following user feedback. Duplicate adverts didn’t work reliably and the weight picker picked the wrong weights. Both these issues have been fixed in this update.
The issue went unnoticed in my testing because the filtered array of adverts happened to keep consecutive IDs. If in your setup this isn’t the case, then the advert selection was messed up.

As a larger update AdRotate Professional 5.14 comes with a slew of other improvements and tweaks. Most importantly Multisite Networking features have been re-done and expanded. This makes it much more easy for you to share groups of adverts across instances in your network.

The Gutenberg blocks included with AdRotate Pro got an upgrade and now support caching features, just like widgets do.
And groups work more efficiently as a whole, looping less data around, which should make them a tiny tiny bit faster and more memory efficient.

Multisite instances

For groups you can now select which group to pull ads from in the dashboard. This renders the site attribute/variable you’d use in Shortcodes and PHP Snippets mostly obsolete. The aim is to remove it at some point, but that’s not decided yet.
A big change is that the shortcodes and PHP code behaves a bit different from this version onwards. You now place the local group and the Site variable tries to add in the network ads, with the local ads. The local ads can be empty… But it has to be a local group.

This allows for networked groups to be mixed in with local ads in that group. Which was never possible before.

If you have a Multisite, check out the new option in your group settings (When editing a group, Advanced section) for the new dropdown menu. Once saved, you can also see the network ads listed in the Adverts list when editing the group highlighted in blue.

Video adverts

Video ads are becoming more popular for some reason. AdRotate Pro’s Advert Generator can now generate a basic video advert.
This is very much an experiment, but the basic code should work and be responsive.

You’ll find the new options in the Advert Generator. For now only mp4 files are supported.
Let me know what you think, does the generated advert work for you? Or if not, what would you like to see changed?

Mobile adverts

For Mobile ads the “Other” Operating system has been removed as it was largely unused.
The remaining “iOS” an “Android” options are only used when the “Mobile” or “Tablet” options are enabled.
The idea here is that the Mobile function offers less combinations to go wrong on, improving the ease of use.

Changes in AdRotate Professional 5.14.1

  • [fix] Duplicate ads filter not working for all adverts
  • [fix] Weight filter not working properly for some groups


The update is available now, you can update through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download in your dashboard.
Or if you do not have AdRotate Pro yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.

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