AdRotate Pro and advertisers

logo-512x512Over the past week I’ve been working on a big new feature – Or a bunch of features. We may even bump the version to version 4.0… How about that? The new stuff is focused on managing advertisers and expand on the possibilities there. I’ve included a few draft screenshots so you can make up your mind about it and chime in with ideas or comments. If you have any, comment below or use the contact form ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

Some screenshots

Remember, these are drafts and can change – Though I’m fairly confident this will be the final format (mostly). Basically what you see there is a new menu, the advertiser overview and a profile.
The profile bit will be tied in to the normal WP users stuff. And that allows us to set permissions/options per user instead of the global switch you have now. This basically allows for a greater level of control.

adrotate-advertiser-menu adrotate-advertiser-dash adrotate-advertiser-profile adrotate-advertiser-adduser

Payment options

I’m a bit scared to add a Paypal API. Their stuff is quite complex and I have zero experience with their services API ๐Ÿ™ I do know how certain other payment systems work (Merchant E-Solutions and Omnikassa) and I sell plugins for those. But Paypal is something different – And I can’t rely on WooCommerce this time…
So maybe adding payment options has to wait till a later iteration. But the basics are taking shape just fine. Manual payments can be replaced by automated ones in a future version if I don’t feel comfortable with Paypal just yet.

I’m currently not considering other payment options. Adding other payment gateways will please only a few. I can support Stripe, but then people want Braintree (or whatever). If I support both the system gets more bloated with every line of code. So far pretty much everyone requested Paypal support. For now it’s not worth it to spend a lot of time to integrate multiple systems.