AdRotate Pro Nulled

A “nulled” piece of software is a hacked and modified version of that software. It is made suitable for use without a license. Using it is illegal and there are some big risks using such software.

You are looking to safe a few bucks, at great cost

You are looking for ways to run your website the cheapest way possible. Often that results in cheap hosting and using free software and plugins. Some even go as far as using nulled or hacked versions of paid plugins.

As with lots of paid plugins, there is a nulled version of AdRotate for Wordpress floating around. This, “fortunately”, is an older version of AdRotate Pro. Therefor it lacks newer features and has some bugs that have been fixed since.

As far as I can tell the nulled version of AdRotate Pro has a backdoor kind-of-thing built in which has your website enter a botnet.

Obviously that means that when you use this kind of software you are taking huge risks. Being a cheap ass will cost you revenue this time around.

Risks when using nulled software:

  • Unknown advertisers
    Your website may show adverts controlled by a hacker group on which you do NOT get revenue.
  • Backlinks to other illegal or dangerous websites
    Backlinks are considered very important for SEO. Hackers can put links from your blog to low ranking sites.
  • Destruction of your blog
    Nulled scripts sometimes send your username and password information out to hackers.
  • Legal action by Theme and Plugin developers
    Software developing companies could take action against you.
  • Search engines such as Google and Bing may derank your website
    Search engines hate illegal activities. Your site may be ranked lower. Or worse, be removed completely.
  • Your web host may suspend your hosting
    Spotting a threat in your website, your hosting provider may decide to take your site offline.
  • Viruses and botnets
    Your site, using your own software, such as WordPress, may enter a botnet to do all kinds of bad stuff.

All of the above will cost you a lot of time, stress and often times money.

What if you can not afford to buy premium software?

Running a website costs money. Those costs can add up, I know. With AdRotate for WordPress you can start earning money without using a illegal version. You can use our free plugin available in the WordPress directory.
Download AdRotate for WordPress for Free here »

However, AdRotate Pro is one of the cheapest ways to monetize your website. The moment you start installing it and you have some campaigns active on your website, you start earning money.

AdRotate Pro works with a license key, but unlike some other plugins there is no subscription or yearly renewal. This makes AdRotate Pro the cheapest ad-plugin for WordPress.

What does the license key do?

With AdRotate Pro you get free updates for life. Straight to your dashboard. Updates often include new features or improvements to current features.

The license key also unlocks AdRotate Geo. A Geo Targeting service exclusively for AdRotate Pro users. This allows you to target your advertisers in specific countries or cities all over the world. Making running one campaign in 6 or more languages very easy to manage.

And, equally important, the License Key unlocks the support form. Which is a contact form in your dashboard that allows you to directly contact Arnan, the developer of AdRotate Pro. You’ll usually get a reply within 1 business day, often with a solution.

When you use an illegal version of AdRotate Pro, you’re missing out!

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2 thoughts on “AdRotate Pro Nulled

  1. AdRotate Pro is the #1 Wordpress Plugin! The author deserves every cent of the small license fee that he charges. His support is excellent, too! Your site should have the authentic version, not some hacked up version that could potentially bring down your site, get you thrown off your hosting service and get you banned by your affiliate sites! Buy the original – I’ve been using it for years and it is absolutely worth it!

    1. Thanks for your support Bryan 🙂

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