AdRotate Pro updates for older installations now available for free

As some of you probably noticed over the past few days. AdRotate Pro updates have been on offer for older versions of the plugin. Most notably all versions 4 and some early versions of AdRotate Pro 5.

In a silly oversight I didn’t update an older API properly and didn’t notice the issue for some time. This has now been fixed. Realizing that many of you still use some flavor of version 4 and lots of you are still using early versions of AdRotate Pro 5 it seemed prudent to slightly rethink the version limitation for the update server and raise the version availability a bit.

Users of AdRotate Pro 4

Updates were always limited to version 4.13.2. To help you stay a bit up to date this has been raised to version 4.18.2. In turn this version uses a newer update server which has again a higher limit. So some of you can update again to a even newer version, depending on your license.

Updating this way is usually safe and requires no extra steps. More features and updates are a good thing and hopefully will encourage a few to buy a new license to get the latest and greatest of AdRotate Pro. Make sure you use the offered coupon code for a discount on your new license!

The update should be offered to you already or else will show up within a few days and work automatically just like other plugin updates.

Using early versions of AdRotate Pro 5

Here things were a bit muddy because of a few issues with finding updates and connecting to the update server. These issues have been fixed in version 5.7.2 and newer. Depending on your license and current version of AdRotate Pro you will be offered the applicable version to update right past it with version 5.7.2 or newer.

Alternatively you may get a slightly older version so you get a taste of the newer features, including a few security related fixes. But you’ll need a new license to get the latest version. Don’t forget there is a discount for new licenses via a coupon code.

If you currently have a version of AdRotate Pro that can’t update because of the update bug, please get in touch for assistance via the contact form.
Affected versions are most versions between AdRotate Pro 5.6 and 5.7.2. If you have one of these versions please send an email with your license or order information and I’ll see what I can do for you and if you’re eligible to update as well.

Still using version 3.x

No automatic updates are available and these versions have been obsolete for years.
Which means no support is available and updating to a newer version often requires extra steps. Of course updates are possible, but get in touch for a personal update path and advise. Please include you license key and current version if you do.

All remaining activations for these installations will be pruned from the database over the coming year and as a result no email notifications regarding updates and licenses will be sent out any longer.

Getting your update

Updates should be available via the regular updates along with everything else right in your dashboard.
Update notifications have been sent out for the past few days so if you’re eligible and not affected by the update issue you should be able to update in a few clicks right now.

If you need help with getting the update or installing it. Or if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact form or comments below.

Thank you!

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