AdRotate Pro version 5.1 – Fixes, new Advert Generator and more…

A number of fixes are included in AdRotate Pro 5.1, most notably that graphs now render correctly. Another improvement is that CSS for the header is no longer generated on pageload, but when you save your group. This should speed things up a little.

The transition for rotating adverts in Dynamic Groups has been changed to a fading effect. Please let me know what you think of that and if it’s too slow or fast.

The Advert Generator got overhauled and expanded upon. Image sizes are now detected by AdRotate which lets the Advert Generator create smarter and more complete code. At the same time, the useless HTML5/Flash option has been removed from the Advert Generator. You can just paste your code in the advert instead. Which is faster.

Viewports in the Advert Generator

The Advert Generator now supports viewports which let you create device independent views within the same advert.
Or… A single advert with multiple banner images. AdRotate Pro will then figure out which size fits with the device the visitor uses.

The options are very easy to use and all you need to prepare or design is up-to 4 banner images for your advert.
In the Advert Generator you simply select them after you upload them and AdRotate Pro does the rest.

It’s that simple – When you’re done, click ‘Generate and Configure’ and the resulting code will look something like this.

As you’ll may realise, this is a responsive image. This method is supported in every modern and recent browsers. Those who do not support this technique will just use the original full size image. WordPress uses this method in blogposts as-well for images you use in your texts.

Responsive Images CAN be used as a replacement for AdRotate Pro’s Mobile Adverts feature, but is not really intended to, yet. Maybe at a later stage this may happen. If you prefer to have 2 or 3 separate adverts, 1 for each device, you can still do that. You can also use both features together.


An all new Premium Support Dashboard has been added to AdRotate Pro. Here you’ll find links to the forums and additional services you may want to use. Also the contact form has been moved here to centralise everything.

On top of that, you can also join the AJdG Solutions WordPress Help group for all your WordPress questions, this group is a bit more general and is aimed at WordPress Support. So if you have other questions, about other plugins, themes or WordPress itself – You can get an answer there. Join the group on Facebook here!

This is a new group, with few members as of yet. But join anyway – The goal is to create an active group for WordPress enthusiasts and admins alike.

Changes for AdRotate Pro version 5.1

  • [new] Premium Support Dashboard
  • [new] Facebook Support Group widget
  • [new] Viewport options in Advert Generator
  • [update] No longer render dynamic CSS for groups on pageload
  • [update] Menu labels
  • [update] 150ms fading effect for adverts in dynamic groups
  • [removed] Front-end Dashboard for advertisers
  • [fix] Graphs showing wrong date ranges for some users
  • [fix] Network Widget not able to show groups in some situations
  • [i18n] Updated all translation files