AdRotate Professional 5.5 – No more double adverts!

This is an important update which aims to add more diversity to your adverts. I’ve added a basic filter to prevent adverts from showing more than once on the same page. Also the advert error states have been improved a bit with more clear notifications.

Double adverts or not

In previous versions of AdRotate Professional if you placed the groups with the same adverts on a page (or the same group multiple times), chances were that it would output the same advert 2 or 3 times. AdRotate Professional now includes an option to prevent that.
This setting is disabled by default. But you can turn it on in Settings > General.


AdRotate Professional now, finally, includes a proper POT file for translations. All included po/mo files have been updated to reflect the current strings in the plugin.
If you’ve made a translation, you can email it to me to have it included in the next version of AdRotate!

Updating regularly is a good thing

Many times plugin updates are important for your websites security and to keep it current and fast. AdRotate Professional is no exception. Allthough AdRotate has a pretty good track record in providing a safe experience. You still need to update regularly.

Updates are also important to get the latest features. AdRotate Professional didn’t get all that many new features in the last 2 years or so. But features you already have get improved all the time. From little tweaks to complete overhauls. It is therefor a good idea to update the plugin at-least a few times per year.

Changes for version 5.5

  • [new] Filter to prevent double adverts when using groups
  • [change] Removed many unused Debug code
  • [change] Tweaks to the installation script
  • [change] Better advert error state when no operating systems are selected
  • [change] Better advert error state when no devices are selected
  • [fix] Dashboard widgets
  • [i18n] Added missing strings in support dashboard
  • [i18n] Renamed/converted en_US to proper pot file