AdRotate Professional 5.6.2 – Fixing license woes!

This update focuses on streamlining the license and geo targeting experience and includes a number of bugfixes and tweaks related to those 2 functions. License notifications should now work more clear and reliable.
Geo Targeting has recently moved from using Cookies to Sessions. A number of fixes makes that more reliable and robust.

Geo Targeting uses Sessions

For the past few years AdRotate Professional has supported Geo Targeting. To temporarily store the geo location of a visitor a cookies was used to keep that information around for a few days. Cookies have been a sensitive item over recent times and I don’t want to deal with that. Neither should you…

Meet Sessions, Sessions are almost the same as cookies, except they stay on the server. Geo Data is temporarily stored in Sessions, this data is kept in there for up to 3 hours. During that time, no lookups are made to your geo targeting service of choice. Cookies had a longer lifespan, but generally expired within a day.

You should update!

Updating AdRotate Professional is always a good idea. Updates are important for your websites security and to keep it performing at top speed. Still, after two years of trying to make that clear, people still do not update regularly.

AdRotate Professional now has a big banner and a few simple mechanics to tell you there is an update available. Hopefully people install updates sooner now which ultimately should make your experience better but also lessen the support burden for me. So, update people. It really solves many issues. Not all of them, but a lot.

Your license expires

Over the last couple of months everyone with an older license got their final Email notification that their license has now really really expired. This concerns everyone who has a license starting with 101. The interface on the account dashboards has been removed. The licenses are End Of Life. And you will no longer get updates if you still use one of those old licenses.

Licenses starting with 102, sold between 2015 and early 2019 are expiring as well. A whole lot of you already have received their expiry notification. So make sure your email address is up-to-date and keep an eye on your mailbox for a renewal offer.

Changes for AdRotate Professional 5.6.2

  • [change] More modern and polished look for notifications
  • [change] Clearer date format (dd-mmm-yyyy) for date pickers
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [fix] Improved multisite/network support
  • [fix] Persistent license notification on multisite instances
  • [fix] No longer tries to output WP_Error responses as updates
  • [fix] Session not always created when using duplicate advert filter
  • [fix] Geo Targeting debug array not working
  • [fix] Advertiser dashboard assets not loading correctly