AdRotate Professional 5.6.3 – Fixing all the dates!

A quick but important update fixing a few quirks with end-dates. Schedules should now show and save the right end date.
The dates worked fine, but edited dates may store a few weeks in the future. This now works correctly.

Updating is important!

Updating AdRotate Professional is always a good idea. Updates are important for your websites security and to get the latest features and improvements. AdRotate Professional now has a big banner and a few simple mechanics to tell you there is an update available. Hopefully people install updates sooner now which ultimately should make your experience better but also lessen the support burden for me. So, update people. It really solves many issues. Not all of them, but a lot.

Your license expires after a year

Your license is valid for one year from purchase. During that time you get access to Premium support, Updates and AdRotate Geo. Current licenses expire every day. You are notified of your license expiring via email starting one week before the expiry date.

Getting a new license is of-course optional. But you will no longer get updates if you don’t get a new license. Support is limited, too.

Changes for AdRotate Professional 5.6.3

  • [fix] Selected dates not output correctly when editing schedules
  • [fix] End dates not always correct when exporting stats

2 thoughts on “AdRotate Professional 5.6.3 – Fixing all the dates!

  1. problem is NOT solved with this update

    1. Please create a topic on the forum is you’re still having trouble with this.

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