AdRotate Professional 5.7.1 – Get safe, get updated!

A lot of small changes and fixes are included in this release of AdRotate Professional. A number of improvements related to sessions have been included. The datepickers got another slap and should now actually work for exports.
And a vulnerability has been found and fixed.


In some situations privileged users could run a XSS query on groups to do bad stuff. This has been fixed.
Your data, files or content are not compromised but to be on the safe side you should update as soon as possible.

Adblock proof widgets

Recently the Widgets in AdRotate Professional got replaced by a new set of widgets. Using them will obfuscate the widgets from adblockers and blocking their default strings is mostly useless. This means that if your advert is not blocked by adblockers, it’ll show up just fine.

Please don’t abuse this, and place your adverts sensible and not in an obnoxious way.

Update AdRotate Professional regularly?

Updating AdRotate Professional always is a good idea. Staying up-to-date with most plugins is never a bad thing. Updates are important for your websites security. But often they also add new or improve current features.

So update at least a few times per year.

Changes for AdRotate Professional 5.7.1

  • [fix] Better organised $_SESSION data for duplicate adverts
  • [fix] Date selection for exports not working for some users
  • [fix] Date selection for group stats not working for some users
  • [fix] Date selection for advert stats not working for some users
  • [fix] Better error handling for Geo Targeting
  • [fix] Vulnerability related to groups
  • [fix] Better error handling when checking for updates
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks