AdRotate Professional 5.7.3 – New API, bugfixes and much more…

This marks the release of AdRotate Professional 5.7.3. An important update which changes quite a few things under the hood. Most notably all new API’ and less dashboard notifications. All non-essential fluff has been removed. And equally important the update process has been streamlined a bit further based on user feedback.

The usual stuff

A number of bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made. Importing and Exporting now works more reliably. The format of the CSV files has changed a little bit. The exported file now shows which version of AdRotate the file is exported from. This should give you a bit better indication on compatibility. All previous exports do NOT work with current versions.

The update routine has been updated yet again. The whole process has been tested a million times over the last few weeks. Buttons and banners have been rewritten, tweaked and improved so the whole process is more easy to follow.
Previous versions already introduced a lot of these changes, but now they’re more refined and I think this’ll work fine for the coming year or so.


Next to updates to AdRotate Professional itself the servers on my end have been overhauled as well. Introducing with AdRotate Pro 5.7.3 is the new Update API. You probably won’t see much of it, but it’ll work more fast and reliable than before. And AdRotate Geo has been rewritten to use a faster database from MaxMind. Sometimes the file database (mmdb) would lock up for seconds at a time. We’re using MySQL now – In my tests this is about twice as fast on average.

Both API have been rewritten from scratch building on all experiences from the last few years. So far this looks very promising and more future proof.

AdRotate Geo

AdRotate Geo now uses MySQL for a database. This will work much faster for lookups. Because of this, overhead is much lower (Or I hope so) and as a result I’ve raised the lookup limit to 30000 per day.
If you go over the limit, AdRotate will show a notification in your dashboard mentioning that. As always, the quota resets at midnight GMT/UTC/CET (That’s UK time).

Let me know if you run into any trouble with AdRotate Geo so I can figure out what’s wrong with it, if anything…

Changes for AdRotate Professional 5.7.3

  • [fix] ‘Install Update’ button not always working
  • [fix] Missing array for network settings on non-network setups
  • [fix] Better check for Borlabs Cache availability
  • [fix] Manual update and Background task reset button
  • [fix] More reliable importing of adverts
  • [fix] More reliable trigger for database update script
  • [change] Removed ‘AdRotate Switch banner’
  • [change] AdRotate Geo now provides 30000 lookups per day
  • [change] Updated import advert script
  • [change] Updated export advert script
  • [new] Hide the license key and email on Network setups
  • [new] Force de-activate license option for Network setups
  • [new] Email notification when adverts expire in a week
  • [new] Now uses Update API 8
  • [new] Now uses AdRotate Geo 6