AdRotate Professional 5.8.1 – Improved migration steps.

AdRotate Pro header

A tiny little update with only a few fixes. All related to the uninstall script WordPress uses to possibly delete the AdRotate database. This update is important if you’re switching from the free version to AdRotate Pro or the other way around.

The uninstaller was broken

I’ve updated the uninstall script to work more reliable and actually delete the data from AdRotate Professional.
But who ever uses that, right? 🤣
Anyway, this also affects the migration process if you’re upgrading from AdRotate. Some improved safeguards in the script make it much easier to switch over to AdRotate Professional or the other way around.

To further accommodate this, some notification banners have been updated to make the switch even easier.

Changes in AdRotate Professional 5.8

  • [fix] Uninstall not working for some people