AdRotate Professional 5.8.13 – Better asset management!

AdRotate Pro header

A redesigned dashboard for assets and renewed/updated management of assets. While the dashboard works mostly the same a lot of the functions have been overhauled and updated. Also the in-development AMP support has been disabled as it should and the Italian translation has been updated.

Asset Management

Next to just managing advert files you can now also see an overview of exported reports for the first time. This helps you see what you’ve exported, but also lets you download those files more easily.
This of-course makes things much easier to manage and oversee.

Dynamic groups on mobile

The option to disable Dynamic Groups on mobile devices has been removed. Groups are now always Dynamic if you set it that way, regardless of device. This is a bit of an experiment, but with the increasing amount of requests to have Dynamic Groups working, I think it’s a good move. Google’s AMP still blocks these kinds of things, if you want more control over what your adverts do on mobile devices, do not use AMP!
Removing pointless features helps keep the plugin simple to use. Which is always a positive.

Update regularly!

Staying up-to-date with plugins is important and is almost never a bad thing. Updates are important for your website security. But more often updates also add new or improve features as well.
Updates are available via your dashboard and require no special knowledge to install, this makes it extremely easy to keep your site secure and have the latest features.

Changes in AdRotate Professional 5.8.13

  • [fix] Disabled AMP group option
  • [new] Assets now list generated reports
  • [new] Post Injection up to 20 paragraphs
  • [update] Asset and media dashboard
  • [update] Reworded error when deleting a file fails
  • [change] Silently fail when deleting a non-existing file
  • [change] Removed option to disable dynamic mode on mobile
  • [i18n] Improved Italian translation (Thanks Davide)