AdRotate Professional 5.8.2 – WordPress 5.4.1 compatible!

AdRotate Pro header

Maintenance update updating the french translation and to improve WordPress 5.4.1 compatibility. Also, once again, I tweaked the update procedure a bit.


In recent versions I started added a french translation for AdRotate Professional. This is great, but my French is not so great.
I know what “Je parle Francais un petit peut” means, but that’s about it. So, if you spot a weird choice of words or just wrong stuff. Feel free to update the translation and send in your fixed copy via email. Thanks!

Automatic updates

The ongoing fluff of tweaks and minor improvements continues! Once again I made some small adjustments to how update information is downloaded. One day I’ll figure it out. I promise… I’ve also updated the dashboard a bit – Removing a double notification when your license is expired when an update is available.

WordPress update

WordPress got an untimely update. And with their new policy of fear mongering about incompatibilities and stuff, I’ve spent some time testing the plugin and, behold! It works.
AdRotate 5.8.2 is fully compatible with WordPress 5.4.1.

Changes in AdRotate Banner Manager 5.8.2

  • Improved WordPress 5.4.1 compatibility
  • [i18n] Updated french translation
  • [fix] Double dashboard notifications for expired licenses