AdRotate Professional 5.8 – New translations and updated Geo Targeting

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In version 5.8 we’re fixing a number of issues. I, yet again, improve the auto-update mechanics. And optimized the dashboard further to make it more easy to use AdRotate Professional. The plugin now ships with several translations and a lot of old code has been removed.

Hello! Buenas Dias! Buongiorno! Bonjour, Dzień Dobry and Goedemiddag!

AdRotate is now available in 6 languages from the start. This means that if your website is in French (fr_fr), Spanish (es_es), Polish (pl_pl), Italian (it_it) or Dutch (nl_nl) you can now expect the AdRotate dashboard to be in that language as well.

The Polish translation has been kindly provided by Michal from… Poland. This is as real as it gets. For the other languages the big cave-at is that I used Microsoft translations to create the files. I know Dutch, so that’s mostly fine. I also know a few words French, German and Spanish… But not enough to have a proper conversation – And Italian, well… I can say ‘Pasta’ and ‘Ferrari’. So if you see words misused or sentences that do not make sense… That’s Microsoft Translations for you.
Feel free to update the translation files and send me a better version. That’ll be much much appreciated.

All other translations have been removed. Some only had a few translated strings in them. Others weren’t updated for a long time. There really was no point in keeping them around. Of-course if you feel the need to create a new language for AdRotate Professional I’ll be happy to include it in the next version. The POT file is included with the plugin in the /language/ folder.

Check for updates from the dashboard and some other changes

I’ve gone over the whole plugin and removed al remaining old debug code. This code wasn’t used and most controls were gone already. Now all left-over code is gone too. More lean = more cool!
Also I’ve optimized, or redone, the Maintenance dashboard. The options in there now make more sense and are easier to use.
But more importantly, you can now check for updates from the Maintenance dashboard as well.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the WordPress update routine, but it completely sucks for some reason. So I’ve separated AdRotate Professional from it. This should fix some performance issues as well as make things generally more reliable.
If an update doesn’t show up in your dashboard by itself, you can click the Check for Updates button to make push things along.

In the background a bunch of checks have been added to help prevent confusion about AdRotate Professional vs. AdRotate.
And a check has been added that if you uninstall AdRotate while AdRotate Professional is active, it should no longer remove your stored adverts and stats. So, less risk of loosing data when you upgrade to AdRotate Professional.

API Updates

On my end, the Update API saw some improvements. This goes hand-in-hand with the updated routine in the plugin.
Better communication and less stringent restrictions on valid licenses should make things more reliable and fast.
Also I’ve discontinued the update reminder emails for those who do not update the plugin.

Changes for AdRotate Professional 5.8

  • [change] No longer uses WordPress mechanism for update checks
  • [change] Maintenance dashboard optimised and reworded
  • [change] Removed old/unused debug code
  • [change] Compacted Javascript files
  • [new] Check if AdRotate is installed
  • [new] Check if faulty adrotate plugin folders exist
  • [new] Added separate State field
  • [new] Option to require cities to be in states or provinces
  • [new] Skip uninstall procedure if AdRotate is installed
  • [new] Updated advertiser add/edit advert dashboard
  • [fix] Warnings when trying to add advert as disabled advertiser
  • [i18n] Updated Polish translation, Thanks Michal
  • [i18n] Updated Dutch translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Updated Spanish translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Updated German translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Added French translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Added Italian translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Removed Greek translation
  • [i18n] Removed Bulgarian translation
  • [i18n] Removed Russian translation
  • [i18n] Removed Swedish translation
  • [i18n] Removed Brazilian translation