AdRotate Switch 1.3 – Available now

icon-256x256Today I’ve added 2 new plugins to the compatible list; ‘WP Pro Ad System’ and ‘Ad Injection’. Additionally, a few of the already available migration modules got updated. I realised it’s a bit silly to import adverts but then not create a schedule for them. Just because the plugin you import from doesn’t support it doesn’t mean that AdRotate (Pro) should make a mess of things. So for those plugins that do not support a end date for their adverts you can now also opt to make a schedule to make the migration even easier.


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  • Support for ‘WP Pro Ad System’
  • Support for ‘Ad Injection’
  • Requires AdRotate Pro 3.17 or newer
  • Requires AdRotate Free 3.13.1 or newer
  • Fixed group linking not working for some importing scripts
  • Added option to create schedules for every plugin