AdRotate Switch 1.5.2 – Available now

switch-logoA small but large update for AdRotate Switch today. Updating various import scripts and some other tweaks. A bunch of source plugins have seen some updates. AdRotate Switch is now compatible with these versions.

All scripts have been tested and found in order. However, if you run into trouble please post it on the AdRotate Switch forum for a quick solution.


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  • Updated for AdRotate Pro 4.0 and newer
  • Updated for AdRotate 3.15.5 and newer
  • Updated to work with ‘Advanced Ads System v1.3’
  • Tested to work with ‘Wp Advertize it v1.1.2’
  • Tested to work with ‘Simple Ads Manager v2.9.8.125’
  • Tested to work with ‘wp125 v1.5.4’
  • Fixed ‘wp125’ import now looks in the right database table
  • Updated i18n


Summersale 2016

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Such sunsets

When you stroll around the country and see things like this. It’s just beautiful. And people still wonder why I like it here…