AdRotate v5.8.17 – Available now!

This update fixes labels for checkboxes. Along the way, just like in AdRotate Pro, I’ve gone over the dashboard code and did some cleaning up. This enables browser to better render the various dashboards.


In AdRotate labels are the description texts for checkboxes. Adding labels to certain elements in websites makes them easier to click and thus improves the usability of a web form a lot. AdRotate has had labels for a while, but a lot didn’t really work, others made no sense. This has been fixed in this update.
Next to that in a few spots unnecessary labels were present, and some silly quirks in the HTML layout. These have been fixed or removed.

Update regularly!

Staying up-to-date with plugins is important and is almost never a bad thing. Updates are important for your website security. But more often updates also add new or improve features as well.
Updates are available via your dashboard and require no special knowledge to install, this makes it extremely easy to keep your site secure and have the latest features.

Changes in AdRotate 5.8.17

  • [fix] Labels for all checkboxes
  • [update] HTML dashboard code cleanup


2 thoughts on “AdRotate v5.8.17 – Available now!

  1. Hi! I have a multisite wordpress, can I buy a single license for that?



    1. Hi Paolo, that’ll work fine if it’s just the one instance/blog on the multisite. Just don’t network activate it – You’ll need a Developer license for that.

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