ajdg.solutions is now federated in ActivityPub

Well, an update on this. I changed my mind. As fascinating as it is… This project has been cut short by the apparent lack of interaction between the Fediverse and its nodes or instances (such as this website). Without any discoverability features… What’s the point. I may write a blog post about that in the future.

With the surge in Mastodon users and plugins to hook up websites to ActivityPub becoming better and better I’ve decided to join in on the hype and federate my websites. Starting yesterday both AJdG Solutions and MotoTravel are federated.

This means that you can follow the posts users make on the blog can be followed from platforms like Mastodon, Pixelfed and anything that uses ActivityPub really.

To follow AJdG Solutions add @arnandegans@ajdg.solutions and to follow posts on MotoTravel look for @arnan@mototravel.net on your instance of choice.

You can click on the above links to copy them to your clipboard so you can easily paste them in any ActivityPub search, for example on your mastodon or Pixelfed instance. My feed will pop up in there and you can follow it as if you’re following a regular account.

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