Analytics Spam Blocker 3.0 – Infinitely better, familiar dashboard!

At long last, an update for Analytics Spam Blocker. This new version is a complete overhaul of how the plugin works with all new code underneath, new dashboard elements on top. Reporting is now faster and your blocklist is more inclusive.

Analytics Spam Blocker has been reworked to make it even easier for you to deter referrer spam. An all new API to report domains to and a custom blocklist that’s immediately updated with the domains you add.

You no longer require a subscription to get blocklist updates either. This system didn’t really work so I’ve removed it. Instead when you report your website gets listed in my database as a reporter. More for reference than anything else. If you don’t report for a while this listing gets removed. And when you then make a new report, you’re simply added again. Simple as that. No buttons to click, no hassle or failing synchronizations.

Reporting domains is easier than ever and what’s even better, the domains you report get added to your own blocklist immediately.
If a few people report the same domain it’ll be included in the standard blocklist in a future update.
Analytics Spam Blocker then figures out a new list when you update and removes the double entry. So there is never any confusion.

Reporting referral spam is important

To get rid of referral spam the best way is to make it obsolete. This is easily done with Analytics Spam Blocker and its reporting tool in your dashboard. Quickly report referral spam domains to my server, if several people report the same domain it’ll be included in the blocklist and ultimately will no longer show up in peoples website Analytics like Google Analytics or Matomo anymore.

If enough domains get reported, and consistently so, hopefully one day the internet will be free of referral spam.
Only with your help we can make this happen – so keep reporting your referral spam domains via the Analytics Spam Blocker dashboard in the Tools menu.

Version 3 of Analytics Spam Blocker is available for download now and should pop up in your dashboard updates shortly.

Changes for version 3.0

  • All new plugin, familiar dashboard
  • Local blocklists for immediate results
  • Report new domains easier than ever
  • Translation support
  • Now uses Api3
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